Dunnville Horticultural Society update

By Deb Zynomirski, President, Dunnville Horticultural Society           

DUNNVILLE—Developed to attract a variety of wild pollen bees to your garden and improve the pollination of your plants, this nest provides a safe home for beneficial solitary bees to lay their eggs, and can produce 100 to 150 pollinating bees per year.
—Submitted photo.

DUNNVILLE—Happy Canada Day to everyone! There’s no doubt this year’s celebrations have been much more subdued. But that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that we still celebrate living in the absolute best country in the world!

Call me biased, but as Canadians we enjoy a standard of living and freedoms unparalleled anywhere else on earth. And now more than ever, we are counting every one of our blessings – easy to do since they have been magnified by the COVID-19 microscope.

This pandemic has seen countless would-be gardeners enjoying their yards for the first time! And many, for the first time in many years. It has been amazing to hear of the great enjoyment that people are getting from gardening. The excitement of seeing their little plants grow, bloom, and even yield food for their table. Long neglected patches of dirt in the backyard are being transformed into neat rows of vegetables or annual and perennial gardens.

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