Dunnville Rotary gives back to its community!

Dunnville Rotary gives back to its community!
DUNNVILLE—The Dunnville Rotary Club made over $32,000 in donations locally last week, including $15,000 to the Youth Impact Centre. Shown above at the centre is Brad Spencer, Lynn Spencer (Rotarians), Rachel McIntee, Rebecca Fox, Erica Hopman, David Tunikaitis (Youth Impact Centre staff), Nyree Segui, and Lois Crysler (Rotarians). —Submitted photo.

By Haldimand Press Staff

DUNNVILLE—The Rotary Club of Dunnville is very proud to have been able to provide local community grants totalling $32,200 to various projects serving the Dunnville area.  

“We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our members and the many community businesses, organizations, and individuals that donate to support our many causes,” said Rotary President Lynn Spencer.

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