Ed Tech student crews expanding Grand Erie’s learning circuit

To The Haldimand Press
HALDIMAND—In the auditorium at Joseph Brant Learning Centre, approximately 285 elementary students from 17 Grand Erie schools troubleshooted a variety of hypothetical scenarios involving technology in the classroom. Presenting the scenarios was Ed Tech Itinerant Teacher Chris Bates, and he was getting enthusiastic responses from students – both verbally and virtually, using tablets – about what to do if a drink spills on a device to how to handle a teacher forgetting their login password.
“Is this something you could solve yourself, or do you need to contact Information Technology Services?” he asked after each problem was presented. Responses were tabulated in real-time on the screen at the front of the room as students weighed in.
The students in the room were empowered to solve common tech problems that can stymie many adults and professionals. The event was the kick-off for Grand Erie’s Ed Tech Student Crews this year. Ed Tech Student Crews are composed of students who show an aptitude and interest in technology and are trained to support the use of educational technology tools in the classroom. It’s the fourth year Grand Erie has run the Student Crews, with new schools coming on board each year.
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