Five years on: The Press is still a strong, local paper

Five years on: The Press is still a strong, local paper
HAGERSVILLE—The Haldimand Press co-owners Jillian Taylor and Kaitlyn Clark recreate the image that appeared on the August 15, 2017 edition of the paper that announced their purchase. —Haldimand Press photo by Mike Renzella.

Time flies when you’re having fun – and having fun we are. 

Five years has come and gone since Kaitlyn and I signed the papers to purchase The Haldimand Press from former owner Jill Morison in August 2017. The past five years have been so rewarding for us. We’ve run a successful newspaper – putting out 255 papers – and we’ve enjoyed doing it.

Jill was instrumental in the paper’s revitalization over her three years of ownership. We can’t thank her enough for hiring us in 2014 and 2015 to work with the paper, teaching us everything she knows, and then trusting us to take over in 2017. 

HAGERSVILLE—Current Haldimand Press staff, from left: Laura Carl, Advertising Sales Representative; Co-Publishers Jillian Taylor and Kaitlyn Clark; Rachel Vaarkamp, Bookkeeping & Admin; Mike Renzella, Reporter & Assistant Editor.

Bob Hall, who proceeded Jill as publisher, was a highly respected member of our community and published an outstanding paper for many, many years. Jill purchased the paper from Bob in 2014 when he could no longer carry on. 

When Kaitlyn and I joined The Press team, we came at such a fast-paced time. We learned so much over such a short period of time and took on new challenges – but were also presented with new opportunities to grow. We learned everything that is involved in putting out a strong weekly community newspaper. 

Bob Hall’s vision was to produce a community-oriented newspaper that highlighted local news, people, events, and more. We continue to hold onto his vision today. 

Now 154 years old, the paper continues to be strong as ever, and has fared through a two-year pandemic that proved its value of local news to the community. 

The advertisers and readers are a huge part of the paper’s success, as there would be no paper without them. So, thank you to every one of you who has supported us.

HAGERSVILLE—Special thanks to MP Leslyn Lewis for stopping in to offer her congratulations and deliver a scroll commemorating the occasion. MPP Bobbi Ann Brady also sent along a commemorative scroll.

The many awards The Press has received on a national and provincial level over the past five years attest to this outstanding paper.

We continue to have the largest guaranteed readership in Haldimand County. Every week, thousands of people read The Press from front to back. We are the only 100% locally owned and operated newspaper in Haldimand and we are proud of that. 

Our team is skilled, dedicated, and local. That is what truly makes us Haldimand’s most local media. Our loyalty is to our readers and community and we don’t answer to anyone else. We’re lucky to have a team that is just as proud as we are to bring you the paper.

Over the past five years, you likely will have noticed various changes in the paper as we continue to strive for the best design that is appealing to the eye with strong editorial and advertising content to fulfill our readers’ needs. Some of these changes may even go without notice, as we take into consideration the smallest of details when designing the paper. Additionally, new stand-alone publications like our Home Sweet Home and Staycation magazines have made their debut in recent years. This is part of our ongoing efforts to expand the offerings we have and to share more local information, covering the many facets of Haldimand life. 

Not only has the paper seen changes, but both Kaitlyn and I have as well. Over the past five years, we’ve both relocated – Kaitlyn from Cayuga to Hagersville to Dunnville, and myself from South Cayuga to Caledonia. We’ve both also gotten married – you will have noticed my last name change from Zynomirski to Taylor. Wherever we find ourselves in the next five years, we look forward to continuing to grow with the paper. Know that we will remain dedicated to bringing you the best Haldimand County newspaper each week. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Press, these past five years and beyond. We look forward to your continued support as we bring Haldimand the best in news, features, photos, and more each week.