Grand River Home Hardware celebrates 50 years in business

Grand River Home Hardware celebrates 50 years in business
David and Deanna Dishke, Dealer-Owners, Grand River Home Hardware

To The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA — Grand River Home Hardware is proudly celebrating 50 years in business. The store was purchased by brothers Gordon and Garnet Dishke in March 1971 and converted from Bentley Equipment to the Home Hardware banner.

“When we first opened, gas was $0.30 a gallon, the Riverview Dairy Bar was one of two restaurants open on a Sunday, and phone numbers consisted of only three digits,” recalled Gordon Dishke, Co-founder and former Dealer-Owner, Grand River Home Hardware. “Things have certainly changed over the past five decades – and even more so in the past 16 months – but our commitment to our employees, customers, and the Caledonia community never wavered.”

The Dishke brothers ran the business for more than 25 years alongside their wives, Charlotte and the late Inge Dishke. In 2007, Gordon and Charlotte’s son, David, alongside his wife Deanna, assumed ownership and became second generation Home Hardware Dealers.

Gordon and Charlotte Dishke with his Golden Hammer Award for 50 years in the hardware industry.

This year, Gordon was presented with the Golden Hammer Award for 50 years of exemplary service in the hardware industry. Marking such important milestones in the middle of a pandemic is not lost on David and Deanna.

“We have witnessed and adapted to an incredible amount of change over the past 16 months,” said David. “From operating with curbside pickup to implementing masking and physical distancing measures in our store, our priority has always been the safety of our customers and staff. We are thankful for all of the support we have received from the community during these challenging times.”

Since opening, Grand River Home Hardware has grown from a staff of two to approximately 50 associates, with most management positions currently held by women.

“The founder of Home Hardware Stores Limited, the late Walter Hachborn, once told my father-in-law, ‘You can’t sell from an empty wagon,’” said Deanna. “This advice refers to investing in inventory so customers can have better product selection – but it also refers to making an investment in people and community.”

Hachborn’s advice continues to influence the family business.

David and Deanna have volunteered on numerous committees over the years and regularly donate to local charities, sponsor local sports teams, and support community initiatives such as the Riverside Exhibition Centre.

As the Dishkes look to the future, they have no doubt Grand River Home Hardware will continue to evolve over the next 50 years; however, their vision remains the same: to provide dependable knowledge, quality products, and a customer-focused team.