Haldimand Fire promotes fire safety all year long

By Haldimand Press staff


While Haldimand Fire Services is promoting “Learn the signs of fire safety” for Fire Prevention Week currently, Public Education Officer Ron Schweitzer wants to make sure families keep fire safety top of mind at all times.

Haldimand Fire has used many avenues in the past to promote fire safety throughout the year, including displays at fairs and other community gatherings.

“COVID has stopped all of those. It’s a matter of getting them back up and going again so we can get out there and assist the community,” said Schweitzer on the difficulty of continuing fire education during the pandemic.

“You’re really left with social media to present all of that,” he continued. “Truthfully, I think the ones that really need the help are elderly. When COVID shut a lot of things down, it shut a lot of your access to elderly people off, which is unfortunate.”

Schweitzer noted that some elderly community members may have difficulty accessing smoke and CO alarms in their ceiling to regularly test them, check the batteries, and check the manufacturing date. For this reason, he particularly hopes they will contact the fire department for assistance: “All they need to do is call us; it’s not a problem. Either the station will come out or I’ll come out.”

He added that the department can provide smoke and CO alarms for a fraction of the cost to buy them from a store, and they will fully install and test the alarms to ensure they are in prime locations and in working order.

Generally, Schweitzer hopes to find other avenues as well to increase outreach with the community as a whole. He is happy to see the schools reopening and has restarted school programs on fire safety. Any community group interested in hosting a fire prevention talk is also welcome to partner with Haldimand Fire Services: “We will sit down, if a community organization wants, to do any fire prevention type talk,” he said. “We’re more than happy to facilitate that. There’s lots of different topics.”

Anyone in need of assistance checking fire safety in their home, or wanting to set up a fire prevention talk, can contact Haldimand Fire Services at emergencyservices@haldimandcounty.on.ca or 905-318-5932.


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