Haldimand OPP staffing 5.5% lower than Norfolk

Council questions Haldimand’s coverage by OPP

By Lindsey Stuckless
The Haldimand Press
HALDIMAND—A letter to the OPP from both the Mayor’s office and the Police Services Board (PSB) will be sent expressing concerns over the level of service provided to Haldimand County. This is coming after a report was given to Council on December 11, 2018 that showed Haldimand has fewer uniformed officers than other areas.
Currently, the total uniform approved staff for Haldimand County is 70, not including civilians. However, due to vacancies, long-term leaves and work accommodations, fewer than 70 uniformed members may be available at any time. In 2016, Haldimand had 153.5 uniformed officers per 100,000 population or 651.5 people per uniformed officer; in comparison, Norfolk had 162.4 officers per 100,000 population or 615.8 people per officer. The provincial average had an even bigger gap with 191 officers per 100,000 population.
“I have read the answers received from our questions and I don’t think they are adequately answered,” said Councillor Bernie Corbett. “I do think it adequately tells us we are not getting what we paid for.”
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