To opt in or opt out of retail cannabis: That is the question

Public invited to speak with Council before cannabis decisions are made

By Lindsey Stuckless
The Haldimand Press
HALDIMAND—Residents are invited to share their thoughts on the presence of retail cannabis stores in Haldimand at an upcoming open meeting on January 21, 2019.
Council received a detailed report addressing two distinct issues regarding cannabis on December 11, 2018.
The first was surrounding the requirement for the municipality to decide whether to opt in or opt out of retail cannabis stores in the county.
The decision will be postponed until after January 21, 2019 to hear the public’s views and learn more about the choices.
Councillor Dan Lawrence said there is a lot to consider when choosing to opt in or out.
“There are so many unanswered questions to where these retail places could be. We know they have to be 150 metres away from schools, but are there any other restrictions?” asked Lawrence.
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