Have Your Say: Recent announcement of redundant teachers raises concerns

Have Your Say: Recent announcement of redundant teachers raises concerns

To the Editors,

With the recent announcement of redundant teachers under the proposed class size requirements, the Grand Erie District School Board’s press release raises concerns for Haldimand’s secondary schools. Even with the attrition protection program announced by the Conservatives, the long-term viability of the secondary schools is called into question.

With Dunnville Secondary at just 38% utilization, will students have access to the range of programming they need to ensure a quality education? With Cayuga Secondary at around 50% utilization, what will the impact be on the skilled trades programming? At all the schools, what will happen to the construction, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and health and wellness programs? Are we looking at the beginning of a path to closure and centralization of the secondary schools? Will students have to be transported out of their communities to attend school elsewhere?

With all these unanswered questions, we have yet to hear anything from the local trustees. Where do Trustees Doyle and Richardson stand on the changes that are underway in our schools and what will education look like four years from now? How many of our secondary schools will remain in our communities? At some point, the trustees need to lead and speak to the changes that are happening in the landscape of education.

John Harris,


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