Have Your Say: Snow removal on the Cayuga bridge sidewalk

Have Your Say: Snow removal on the Cayuga bridge sidewalk

To the Editors,

We have resided in Cayuga now for five years. We love the community and its friendly atmosphere; we enjoy participating in the various community events and visiting the local restaurants, Legion, and other venues.

As law-abiding citizens, if adult beverages are on the menu, we prefer to walk downtown, regardless of the season, via the Cayuga bridge, as it’s a 10 minute jaunt.

Perhaps I am a little naive on country standards, but I am baffled why the bridge’s only sidewalk is never plowed/shovelled, as it is the only way of safe passage for pedestrians without accessibility issues.

I attempted to use the sidewalk last year to avoid the Russian roulette option of walking with traffic on Highway 3, but the two-foot icy drifts were too much, plus the safety railing is at knee height up there.

Let me know if I can do it without liability and violating the Highway Safety Act, happy to assist.

Enjoying Cayuga,

Pete Simpson


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