Have Your Say: The question I ask when voting

Have Your Say: The question I ask when voting

      The Municipal Election for Haldimand County is October 24. 2022. As you travel across our Province, it is obvious there is a keen interest in representation for local councils, indicative of the number of candidates and incumbents who have posted their respective signs throughout their communities.

      It’s a clear indication of the uncertainty and challenges we have been facing during the more than past 2.5 years of the pandemic and global crisis.

      You have to recognize and respect all of those who put their names forward for a possible opportunity to represent their constituents. However, there is a sincere expectation that their candidate’s respective intent is based on honesty, integrity, and not deceit or untruths.

      I have been asked by a number of concerned Haldimand Citizens over these past several weeks as to who they should vote for. I advise them to weigh the facts and only they can make that choice.

      For me, I look at the current circumstances given we are coming out of a pandemic, inflation, rising interest rates, high energy and food costs, alarming deficits at the Federal level, and the pressures we are fully aware of at the Provincial level in terms of healthcare, education, environment, social, and justice issues.

      The question I ask myself is do I vote for inexperienced candidates for either the sake of change or emotions, or do I vote for experienced candidates who clearly have shown a factual record of running Council business with sound stable financial results?

Warren Burger,