Innovative dining at Debb’s Cuisine

Innovative dining at Debb’s Cuisine
DUNNVILLE—Debb Davies (below) of Debb’s Cuisine on Queen used her ingenuity and creativity to find a solution to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. Over the past several years she has had a patio outside of her restaurant, but she knew she could do better. As she was researching options she heard that restaurants in Amsterdam, Netherlands have installed mini greenhouse-like dining areas to accommodate social distancing. She realized she could do the same “so diners won’t feel like they are sitting in the traffic and they are out of the weather.” She hired Ed Feenstra of Dunnville to construct the pods. They are constructed of powder-coated greenhouse material and have heat (or a fan for warmer days) and seat four to six people. These pods will be up until at least mid-November and Davies suggests that as temperatures drop, diners bring a lap blanket if they so desire. She also intends to do some interior decorating. Reservations are preferred, especially on weekends, but walk-ins are certainly welcome when available. Davies said, “The idea is to enhance the tourism for the community too, it’s not just for me to bring something unique ... as an added attraction tourists might walk up Queen and Lock streets to see what our little town’s about.” —Photo courtesy of Debb Davies.
Debb Davies. —Photo by Valerie Posthumus.
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