Local artist turns Dr. Jane Goodall into a wonderful work of art

Local artist turns Dr. Jane Goodall into a wonderful work of art
HAGERSVILLE—Karen Zandersons shows her portrait of Dr. Jane Goodall. –Haldimand Press photo by Sheila Phibbs.

By Sheila Phibbs

The Haldimand Press

HAGERSVILLE—When Hagersville artist Karen Zandersons took her family’s cat to the vet, never could she have imagined that it would lead to achieving one of her greatest artistic dreams.

It was two and a half years ago when Zandersons took her Devon Rex cat to Hagersville Veterinary Service for treatment of an eye problem. Dr. Neil Gowan referred the family to Dr. Richard Quinn, a veterinary eye specialist in Denfield, Ontario.

While waiting in that clinic, Zandersons noticed a picture of Dr. Quinn with Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned for her decades of work with chimpanzees. When asked, the veterinarian confirmed, “Yes, Jane and I are good friends.” In fact, the doctor is the veterinary ophthalmologist for Goodall’s apes and chimps in Africa, and they work together on Docs 4 Great Apes.

This chance encounter led to the opportunity of a lifetime as Zandersons, who is not only an admirer of Goodall, but has always wanted to complete a portrait of her. That desire became reality after consultations with Dr. Quinn’s office and The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. The portrait, which was done in pencil, was completed for Dr. Goodall’s 85th birthday.

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