Nature Canada studying massive swallows roost near Dunnville

Nature Canada studying massive swallows roost near Dunnville
DUNNVILLE—A look at a ‘housing condo’ made by Nature Canada to help local purple martin colonies. Purple martins are just one variety of swallow found in a massive roosting site for swallows in the marshes just outside Dunnville, where they meet annually before flying south for the winter. —Photo courtesy of Nature Canada.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—A roost of swallows located near Dunnville, which is so large it can be seen by satellite, is the subject of ongoing studies by Nature Canada.

“Swallows roost every night in early to late August before they continue their migration journey back to South America,” said Autumn Jordan, Conservation Co-ordinator for Nature Canada and a member of the team that travelled to the roost site in early August. “Around sunset is when the swallows begin to swoop into the marsh for the night; upwards of 30,000 individuals of various swallow species can be observed.”

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