Ontario enhancing protection for Species at Risk: Taquanyah receiving $30,000 funding

From the Office of MPP Toby Barrett

To The Haldimand Press

The Ontario government is investing up to $4.5 million to help protect and recover plants and animals that are in danger of disappearing in the province, including nearly $1.9 million in Haldimand and Norfolk over the next few years.

The funding will be provided to non-profit organizations and other groups through the Species at Risk Stewardship Program for on-the-ground projects that help preserve species at risk and their habitat.

In Haldimand Norfolk, 13 projects were approved, including vital multi-year support for some projects.

ALUS Canada is the largest of the recipients locally, receiving $750,000 in multi-year support. This money will be used to work with farmers and local community partners to create, enhance, restore and manage on-the-ground habitat conservation projects.

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