Smile Cookie fever continues in Dunnville

Smile Cookie fever continues in Dunnville
DUNNVILLE—The Dunnville Tim Hortons has once again snagged the top national spot with this year’s Smile Cookie campaign, raising $54,702 for the Dunnville Hospital and Healthcare Foundation (DHHF). —Photo courtesy of DHHF.

From Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation (DHHF)

To The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—This year, the Dunnville Tim Hortons sold 54,702 Smile Cookies, earning a place in the national spotlight for the fifth year in a row. They have blown by their numbers from last year of over 48,000 cookies.

What’s our secret? Everyone in Canada wants to know. Media outlets are calling to see how we are so successful. How do we put ‘Smile Cookie fever’ into words? Maybe it is best put into numbers. In order for us to keep and maintain our title as cookie capital of Canada, we have to look at the numbers.

Six thousand – the number of residents in Dunnville. That is 6,000 people who want to be number one – who are excited to support Smile Cookie week. Without those 6,000 people it wouldn’t be possible. Why? Because of those committed Dunvillians, thousands buy cookies (some by the dozens) and over a hundred volunteer. In fact, there are over 140 volunteers involved, with somewhere in the neighbourhood of 425 volunteer hours. That means that every volunteer puts 371 smiles and 742 eyes on cookies.  

MPP Bobbi Ann Brady was just one of many local politicians and municipal candidates who rolled up their sleeves to help out.

It also takes the pride and dedication of the 47 staff at Tim Hortons under the leadership of managers Ashley, Navjot, and Rebecca. They celebrate every time a cookie is sold.  When six or more are sold they ring the bell!  They all want to be a part of this exciting week and their energy is contagious!  

Tremendous support also comes from our local businesses and organizations. True Experience Supportive Housing donates their space for decorating – they give up their entire kitchen and reschedule programming in order to help maintain our title. Sandie, Sharon, Joanne, and all of the staff have been instrumental in our success for the past two years! There are also many local businesses who donate prizes for those who buy a dozen cookies or more.  Just a little added incentive to buy more cookies!

But, before one cookie is even baked, it takes weeks and weeks of planning. The logistics of baking, decorating, transporting, and scheduling volunteers is like a well-oiled machine now. The three players behind the scenes plan it meticulously: Ryan, owner of Tims; Lisa, general manager; and Danielle, DHHF’s events coordinator, have developed a system that has to be flawless.  We can’t run out of cookies, volunteers to decorate them, or staff to sell them. That’s why we continue to be the smile cookie capital of Canada!

There is no secret to our success. We are a community that takes pride in being number one! Pride in raising money for our hospital. Pride in knowing that we are $54,702 closer to purchasing a new CT scanner. Pride in ensuring that every person who needs the hospital receives exceptional care right here at home in Dunnville. Just look at the numbers since smile cookies began – over 277,475 cookies sold means $277,475 for DHHF!  

On behalf of Tim Horton’s, the DHHF, and Haldimand War Memorial Hospital – thank you Dunnville!