Therapy dog brings pawsitive vibes to patients

Therapy dog brings  pawsitive vibes to patients

HAGERSVILLE—Eliza Doolittle is a 9-year-old Cairn terrier, owned by West Haldimand General Hospital (WHGH) volunteer Catherine Edwards. She is a St. John Ambulance certified therapy dog. She volunteers every Friday afternoon in both the emergency room and on the ward of the hospital.

The therapy dog visits provide an opportunity for individuals to touch and pet the dog, “walk the dog” in the hospital corridors, and receive unconditional love and cuddles. She is a great listener! The therapy dog visit offers many benefits, improving quality of lives. Some of the benefits include stress relief, distraction from pain, comfort, and calming. Patients look forward to her weekly visits. Since early 2016, Eliza Doolittle has made over 160 visits to WHGH. She can be found in the hospital between 1 and 3 p.m. most Fridays. —Submitted photo.

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