Wind-Blown Recyclables

Wind-Blown Recyclables

Dear Trish and Tabitha,

Yesterday the wind was very strong in our neighbourhood, now we have recycling material strewn all over the road and in our yards. Although I realize the importance of keeping our County clean and beautiful, I’m so tired of having to go out and chase down not only my recycling, but all my neighbours’ recyclable material as well. What do you suggest we do to help keep our recyclables in their containers on such blustery days?


Run ragged after recycling


Dear Ragged,

Thanks for the great question! Both Trish and I love hearing that residents are cleaning up their neighbourhoods out of the goodness of their hearts; it really makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. As you already know, with the warm spring air also comes some pretty strong winds! Here are some tips to keep your recycling from blowing around the neighbourhood.  

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