Provincial funding cuts hit Haldimand libraries: Service disruption announced

Provincial funding cuts hit Haldimand libraries: Service disruption announced

By Kaitlyn Clark

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Haldimand County Public Library (HCPL) will no longer be able to share resources with other libraries in Ontario due to provincial funding cuts. In addition, book sharing between Haldimand libraries was temporarily suspended.

HCPL announced April 23, 2019 that the interlibrary loan services were suspended after the budget for the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) was cut by over 50% in the recent provincial budget. The following day, HCPL announced that material exchanges between Haldimand’s six branches is temporarily suspended because HCPL had been using the SOLS courier for that service as well, as it resulted in cost savings.

“SOLS had to cut the courier because of the funding cuts,” said Paul Diette, CEO of HCPL. “The issue is that the last 10 years we’ve been piggybacking off the courier, so now I’m scrambling…. In a rural area, it is challenging to find someone. I’ve called 12 (potential couriers) and so far it’s a no go from all of them.”

Diette noted that he was given no advanced notice of the change.

HCPL transfers about 54,000 items between its six branches per year. HCPL announced April 29: “Interbranch delivery services will resume using internal resources. We cannot guarantee materials will arrive at your branch in the same time as before.”

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