Your Nanticoke: A Vision of What's Possible

Your Nanticoke: A Vision of What's Possible
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Your Nanticoke: a game changing, community-centered vision of what is possible for Nanticoke and all of Haldimand County. A vision of a community committed to protecting existing industries and driven by diverse career opportunities for future generations. A possibility that sees generations living in proximity to each other, so that families can work, live and play right here, in the community where they have deep roots and familial connections.

Existing large-scale employers, such as Stelco Industries, have played a foundational role in Haldimand’s growth. As a strong community partner, Empire recognizes the importance of creating new opportunities for future generations of Haldimand’s residents, while respecting and supporting existing industries in the County. This is Your Nanticoke’s driving principle.

Your Nanticoke is a vision that:

  • Establishes generous buffer zones through over 16 million sq. ft. of commercial space between residents, their homes, parks and trails, and existing industry, so operations can continue seamlessly;
  • Creates 10,000 new jobs in diverse career paths;
  • Provides affordable living options for skilled workers to live in proximity to existing industries.

This means that Haldimand can continue to maintain its traditions, its character and strong intergenerational ties. It means existing jobs will be protected, while making sure that young families are not forced to choose between high-paying opportunities elsewhere and can continue to remain close to their families.

For nearly half a century, the Nanticoke Lands (bordered by Lake Erie to the South, Hwy 6 to the West, Nanticoke Creek to the East and Haldimand Road 3 running East-West through the property) have remained sterile from new employment uses, due to lack of infrastructure.

That is why we support the County’s unanimous decision to ask the Province of Ontario for a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO). The MZO will finally open the door for discussion around the future of these lands that, for over 40 years, have been wrapped in “red tape”.

We welcome the opportunity to further explore Your Nanticoke: a vision that protects existing employers, that builds new infrastructure to support the region and provides active-living amenities for the entire community to enjoy. All at no additional cost to your family. A vision of what’s possible.


  • Your Nanticoke unlocks the potential to create over 10,000 new, diverse jobs in the community.
  • Your Nanticoke is a vision for a community that provides affordable living options for families by committing to 2,000 Affordable Housing units.
  • Your Nanticoke dedicates over 16 million sq. ft. for commercial, industrial and agricultural employment uses.
  • Your Nanticoke protects existing jobs and industry by ensuring setbacks beyond what is required by provincial regulations.
  • Your Nanticoke will build a brand new sewage treatment facility to replace the aging infrastructure that is nearing capacity, with no increase to property taxes.
  • Your Nanticoke promotes active living by committing to build a state-of-the-art recreational facility and a new indoor pool – all for the enjoyment of Haldimand residents.
  • Your Nanticoke promotes opportunities for families to enjoy the natural environment by dedicating over 110 acres of waterfront for public use, along with new networks of parks and trails for the whole Haldimand community.

Together, we can realize a vision for a multidimensional community that supports existing industries and create new opportunities while upholding Nanticoke’s, and Haldimand County’s, traditions and character.


  • Brand new sewage treatment plant to replace aging facilities at $0 increase to property taxes
  • 2,000 homes dedicated to affordable housing
  • New indoor pool for Haldimand
  • New networks of parks & trails

Visit and be a part of what’s possible.