Santa's helpers spotted in Dunnville

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

Two siblings donating half their snow shovelling money to charity

DUNNVILLE—The big man in red with a twinkle in his eye works in mysterious ways. Not only does he fly around the entire world on Christmas Eve visiting the homes of children with his sack full of toys and an unquenchable thirst for milk, he also sends his helpers, big and small, out into the world to do good deeds that help our communities all-year-round, but especially during the holidays.

DUNNVILLE – Our top scientists have not yet been able to determine whether or not Rayne and her brother Lincoln are Santa’s helpers, sent from the North Pole to do good in the community, or, as they insist, if they are simply two really nice local kids who found a way to help an organization that matters to them. —Photo courtesy of Rayne.

It has come to our attention that two such helpers have been located in Dunnville this Christmas season. Their names are Rayne and Lincoln and although they don’t appear to have pointy ears, we’re certain they must be Santa’s helpers all the same based on what we’ve heard about them.

Many children see the opportunity to make some extra money this time of year by offering services to their neighbours, such as shovelling snow. Rayne and Lincoln are no different there. What makes us so certain of their affiliation with the North Pole is that they plan on taking half of all the money they earn this winter and donating it to Dunnville Youth Impact, which runs a local youth centre.

We caught up with Rayne, who swears she’s not from the North Pole: “I have lived in Dunnville for all but two weeks of my life, and my brother has lived here his whole life. There are nine members in my family, four of which are our dogs.” 

She explained where the idea for the charitably-minded business venture came from, “Over the summer, my brother and I were thinking of a job to do to help the neighbourhood, but also make a little money. We also know that we don’t need the money as much as other kids do, so we chose to donate half to a charity.” 

For the low, low price of $10 per hour, the pair will come to your house (sometimes with their little sister in tow) and shovel the walkway. Half hours are only $5. When contacting them, please provide an address and an approximate time you would like them to come, and please provide them with two hours of notice as well. Services are only available on Saturdays, presumably because the two are busy making toys in the workshop the other six days of the week (or attending school, as I’m sure they’d say. What a perfect cover story.  A little TOO perfect, perhaps?).

Rayne spoke about why they chose the charitable group they did: “The Youth Impact Centre is run by a kind establishment and we have also baked for them a few times. We know someone who is involved with the kids there too.”

Although this is their first year in business, and as of yet, there hasn’t been enough snow that shovelling is needed yet, Rayne and Lincoln are standing by, shovels in hand, for when those winter gusts come blowing in. If you live in Dunnville and would like to hire these elves/exceptional local youths to help with your driveway, send them an email at

“We decided to do this as a convenience to our neighbourhood. We hope everyone has a great Christmas even though this year is a bit of a different one,” summed up Rayne.

We hope you and your brother have a great Christmas too, and say hi to the big guy for us.