4-H Ultimate Cookie Club learns to decorate cakes

4-H Ultimate Cookie Club learns to decorate cakes
Above is a picture of the 4-H Canfield Ultimate Cookie club members with their bear cupcakes.

CANFIELD—On April 10, 2019 the 4-H Canfield Ultimate Cookie Experience held their third meeting at Nuts ‘n Bulk in Hagersville. We started out meeting with the 4-H pledge and roll call.

Our youth leader, Andrew Huitema, asked us to share with the group what our highlights and lowlights of the day were. We met Mrs. Laurie Lichty, who is the owner of Nuts ‘n Bulk and Angel Wings cakes. She sells dry goods, spices, rice, pasta, flour, nuts, chocolate, candy, homemade meat pies, fruit pies, tarts, soups, and chilli. Mrs. Lichty also makes speciality cakes and cupcakes. She told us that her favourite cake that she made was a guitar, where she used spaghetti as the guitar strings.

She also showed us how to hold a piping bag; you need to make sure that you twist the top of the bag tight and hold it between your thumb and first finger. You are to use the other hand to help guide where you want to go with the icing.

Each club member had so much fun decorating their own bear cupcake; they turned out very nicely. After we finished our cupcakes, Mrs. Lichty showed us how to decorate a cake. She told us that you need to decorate in odd numbers. Mrs. Lichty taught us how to make a rose, daisy, leaves, and rose buds.  She also showed us how to finish off the cake with a shell or spiral design or both.

Thank you Mrs. Lichty for your time sharing your decorating skills with our club members. We were amazed at how fast you are able to make such nice designs.

—Submitted by 4-H Cookie Club Press Reporter Matthew Petheram.

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