A blast from the past at Cayuga High School

A blast from the past at Cayuga  High  School
CAYUGA—Cayuga High School’s class of 1946-1947, 92 pupils. All names from left to right. Back row: R. Rickert, N. Still, E. Lint, A. Murphy, J. Armour, R. Rhodes, C. Latham, B. Mathews, M. Jarrett, G. Augustine, G. Mealy, C.W. Learoyd, C. Rutherford, J. Dunham, B. Baldwin, K. Johnson, F. Rickert, A. Derby, J. Armstrong, R. Belzner, R. Hoight, W. Last, T. Rae. Third row: M. Hall, D. Walton, E. McLung, M. Oxley, B. Benfield, M. Kindree, B. Kindree, N. Donavon, F. McLean, P. Anthony, B. LaRue, B. Murphy, J. Kindree, P. Sutor, B. Fagan, E. Clark, B. Learoyd, J. Adams, B. Tyler, L. Reist, M. Fess, J. Atkinson, L. Bird, C. Bird, V. Bird, I. Possi, A. Connelly, D. Oster. Second row: M. Swyer, B. Meadows, J. Mathews, J. Anthony, W. Derby, B. Barnes, S. Henderson, S. Stitt, J. McLean, P. Oster, R. Riley, J. Mickles, M. Murphy, Volick, M.J. Lint, B. Bradt, D. Thompson, M. Sutor, J. McLoud, E. Volick, C. Oxley, J. Kohler, M. Fagan. Front row: D. Gibson, B. Wilson, B. Walton, B. Campbell, S. Dunham, R. Top, B. Campden, E. Armstrong, H. Hoight, B. McSorley, L. Young, R. Moodie, R. Winger, B. Mehlenbacher. *Please Note: Names were copied directly from back of photo. We apologize for any spelling mistakes, as not all names were fully legible. —Photo courtesy of Jack Armour.

Editor’s Note: The current Cayuga Secondary School opened in its present location on Hwy. 54 just outside Cayuga in 1963 as the Cayuga Technical and Commercial High School. Prior to that, it was located in Cayuga, where there are now condos, and was simply called Cayuga High School (CHS). The excerpt below was submitted by Jack Armour.

History from the 1959 Cayuga High School Centennial Yearbook

            Cayuga High School is now about a century old, older than the High School at Dunnville or Hagersville. Two events stand out as turning points, the first was the fire of 1921, the second the formation of the West Haldimand High School Board in 1948.

School memories seem to revolve around personalities. We will try to recall sufficient of these to set the tongues wagging about the good old school days at Cayuga High.

An early report in 1868 says there were then 20 pupils in attendance. No Latin, Greek, French or German was taught, but Christian Morals was definitely a school subject in those days.

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