A look at local business three months into the pandemic

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Three months into the global coronavirus pandemic, it is apparent that returning to normal is going to take longer than expected as Haldimand and Norfolk is one of few areas not entering Stage 2 of the Province’s reopening plan this week.

The Haldimand Press reached out to several local businesses to see how they are faring across a range of issues from safety to finances.

“We’re fortunate in this case because we are an IT provider,” said John Cunha, co-owner of ISN Computers in Hagersville. “We did fall under that initial umbrella of essential services…. With everyone being sent home and having to rely on working online or doing school online, it didn’t cause much of a downturn for us, in fact we’ve gotten a bit busier.”

He added that their physical store is still open, but with a curbside policy, and on-site services are done for emergencies. ISN has been able to keep its staff fully employed.

They are planning on reopening their doors to the public in the next couple weeks and have multiple safety measures in place.

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