Anne McAlpine: July 1, 2021

The spinach salad with apple is a nice change from a lettuce salad. Any type of tart apples will be good. You can peel them if you wish. Although the recipe suggested using walnuts, almonds or pecans would be good, too. You could also substitute the goat cheese for feta or blue cheese. Add a bit more crumbled cheese to the top just as you serve it if you wish.

You can use any style of small pasta when preparing the macaroni and cheese dishes. Adding the seasoned breadcrumbs crumbs to the top adds extra flavour and a bit of crunch. You can brown them even more under the broiler if you wish.

Citrus spice pork chops are simple to make and have a great topping over them. Adding a bit of sugar to the spice mix boosts the browning. By cooking bone-in chops, more moisture is retained.

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