Anne McAlpine: June 3, 2021

My grandson, Aaron loves homemade bread and I have been making some for him using a sourdough starter that I got from my neighbour, Tammy. It always turned out well except the last loaf didn’t rise very much, so I asked Tammy for some more of her starter.

Meanwhile, I tried this recipe for beer bread. I don’t drink beer and only had light beer on hand anyway, so I asked my son for a can of stout beer. The bread turned out really well the first time, but the next time I made it I did use a light beer and it was very crumbly and was certainly not a success. This recipe is easy to make as it calls for self-rising flour and therefore doesn’t require yeast, so it doesn’t have to sit and rise for a period of time.

I found this cauliflower salad recipe in an old magazine and recently tried it. I used frozen peas and Dijon mustard. I buy bacon when it is on sale and bake it in the oven on a wire rack that I place on a foil lined baking sheet without the slices overlapping. I set my oven at 375 and after 10 minutes turn the slices over using tongs and bake for another 10 minutes. When it cools, I cut it into small pieces with scissors and store it in my freezer so that it is always on hand to add to salads, scrambled eggs, etc.

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