Anne McAlpine: May 27, 2021

Fresh Ontario asparagus is available now and so when I got some recently, I tried this asparagus mushroom sauté. I usually use the small white mushrooms, but this time I sliced Porcini mushrooms. I didn’t have any fresh oregano on hand, so I used dried and it worked well.

I got this recipe for chocolate spice bundt cake from Dianne Lane of Fisherville. It is very easy to make and delicious. Be sure that your topping mixture is runny so it just drizzles over the top. You could also drizzle a bit of chocolate sundae topping over it if you wish.

The crispy chickpea recipe was given to me by Deb Weerdenburg of Caledonia. I haven’t made them yet but I did try some of hers and they are a nice crunchy treat with lots of flavour.

The sundried tomato pasta is a favourite recipe of mine. I like the flavour of these tomatoes, so I use them in many different ways. I have chopped them and added them to meatloaf. They also add extra flavour to a ham or roast beef sandwich. Just be sure to squeeze them dry so that the oil is not running out. When they have all been used from the jar, I save the oil mixture for making salad dressings. Just replace the amount of olive oil that the recipe calls for.

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