Anne McAlpine: May 20, 2021

This recipe for corn salad was sent to me by my friend Sylvia from Nova Scotia. I made it and really liked the flavour. I did, of course, use corn from my freezer. Be sure it is completely thawed and drained. I wrapped it in paper towel and squeezed it gently to remove some of the excess moisture.

Ed Blain of Caledonia introduced me to pickled asparagus that he made last year. He makes it each year and it is a favourite of his family. I haven’t made any, but he told me that is easy to make as it has simple ingredients and uses raw asparagus. The recipe as shown should make enough syrup for four jars.

I had a request for old fashioned baked custard and immediately thought of my grandma. We often had baked custard topped with a bit of maple syrup or some fresh berries. Cooking the custard in the hot water prevents the eggs from curdling. If you like thicker custard, just add another beaten egg when mixing the ingredients together. Be sure to whisk the eggs well before adding them to the mixture so that you don’t have any cooked egg pieces in your custard.

This creamy baked cabbage is a creamy and delicious way to enjoy cabbage. It is also good when made with cream of mushroom soup in place of the cream of celery soup.

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