Anne McAlpine: June 8, 2022

I have never been particularly fond of raw bean sprouts until I tried some in a lettuce salad recently. They added a bit of crunch and definitely gave it more flavour. I had previously only used them when I was making Jason and his friends some egg rolls, which I have made a lot of over the years. This beef stir fry with veggies recipe calls for bean sprouts that are cooked slightly. When I tried the recipe I halved the ingredients and omitted the jalapeno pepper and I thought it was really tasty. 

The baked chicken bites are very simple to make. Instead of using store bought barbecue sauce I just made my own. In this case I did use a touch of hot sauce and it had a bit of a bite, but wasn’t too spicy. The barbecue chips gave it great flavour and crunch. Any leftover sauce will keep for a couple of weeks in a covered container in the fridge.

A reader recently asked me to share a recipe for some way to make cottage cheese more interesting. I remember my grandmother getting my brother and me to eat cottage cheese by adding a touch of honey to it. We had to eat it or we wouldn’t get any dessert and I got to like it a lot. I prefer to simply add a touch of maple syrup to it, but I have also used this recipe with lots of chopped veggies added. The original recipe called for fresh peas but when I made it, I used frozen peas that I thawed, rinsed with hot water, and drained really well. 

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