Anne McAlpine: May 19, 2022

I have made these cinnamon crunch treats several times. I like them best when made with whole wheat tortillas but any variety would work. Keep an eye on them around the 8 minute mark as they do burn easily. Be sure to let them cool completely before eating so that they are nice and crunchy. If they aren’t all eaten in a couple of days and begin to lose the crispness, simply put into a 300 degree oven for 3 to 5 minutes to crisp them up again. Be sure to store them in a sealed bag or container.

The maple bacon and pecan sticky buns are very easy to make and are a good breakfast or luncheon treat. The original recipe called for pecans, but I only had walnuts on hand so I used them with good results.

Cheri Gordon of Hagersville had recently sent me this recipe for pineapple angel cake dessert so I also tried it this past week. The cake part of the recipe has only two ingredients. Don’t use the liquid suggested on the angel cake box as it will be too much moisture. The pineapple juice is the only liquid needed. The topping just called for Cool Whip, but I changed it up a bit. I have another recipe that uses an instant pudding mix to make the Cool Whip more dense and flavourful so I did that. I used a cream cheese instant pudding mix but vanilla would work well, too. Don’t prepare the mix, just gently stir the dry ingredients into the Cool Whip before you begin to make the cake so it has a chance to blend together well. Put it in the refrigerator until the cake is completely cool before spreading it over the top.

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