Anne Mcalpine: October 7, 2021

Two of our readers contacted me about doing another ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ project that was a great success a couple of years ago. Both of them commented on how important it would be to do again as we are still surviving this pandemic together. My goal last time was to have 73 and together we did over 100, so this year in honour of my sister-in-law, Eleanor Parsons’ birthday, and my birthday (we are the same age) my goal is for you to share 150 random acts of kindness that you have shown to others or that someone did for you. Eleanor’s birthday is October 25 and mine is the following week, so I am aiming for mid-November to have accumulated the total of 150. Simply email or phone me and let me know what you did for someone else or what someone did for you while expecting nothing in return.

Today’s quiche recipe is one that Eleanor got from a Foodland flyer and shared with me recently and it was delicious. The cheesy meatball recipe is one from a reader several months ago. I used the Pillsbury old fashioned biscuits and regular cheddar cheese and it worked out really well. The old fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of Grandma’s old recipes. I recently made a batch for the staff at my doctor’s office. I did add a few more chocolate chips than the recipe suggested. If you like a softer cookie just bake for 1 minute less than suggested.

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