Anne McAlpine: September 30, 2021

I had a request from a reader this past week for some instructions on poaching a perfect egg. I really like a poached egg with whole wheat toast for breakfast and, as my son and daughter-in-law have their own chickens, I am lucky to have some of those farm fresh eggs to use.

I don’t ever look up recipes on the internet and so was interested to see an article on poaching eggs in an old Food Network magazine.

Always use fresh eggs as the white is thicker and surrounds the yolk, making it easier to get a great finished egg.

Use a wide pan so that the eggs won’t run into each other and will keep their shape.

Add a Tbsp. of vinegar to about 3 inches of water as the acid in the vinegar helps to coagulate the proteins in the white more quickly and avoids stringy bits of white. Remember that the more eggs you put into the pan, the longer it will take to poach them as it will lower the temperature of the water.

Using a wooden spoon, swirl the water before adding the egg to the middle of the swirl to encourage the egg to remain neat and well formed.

Crack your egg into a small dish so you can slip the egg into the swirling water.

Both hollandaise and béchamel sauces are a great addition to a poached egg so I have included both recipes here.

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