Bob Forbes looks to bring change to Haldimand-Norfolk

Bob Forbes looks to bring change to Haldimand-Norfolk
Bob Forbes, PPC Candidate

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA—People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate Bob Forbes is looking to bring a fresh perspective to Haldimand-Norfolk when he campaigns in the upcoming election.

As a first-time candidate, Forbes found himself drawn to the PPC through the leadership of Maxime Bernier. Citing a sense of frustration in the current status quo between the Liberals and Conservatives, he enrolled as a founding member and soon found his name being mentioned as a potential candidate for the party.

“As the days and weeks passed, and my involvement and belief in what the PPC stands for strengthened, it became clear to me that it was absolutely my time to step up to the plate,” explains Forbes. “Something needed to be done to bring us back to the traditional base we need in Canada.”

The platform for the PPC focuses on a variety of issues, including fairness in equalization payments to the provinces, inter-provincial trade, updated firearms legislation, and lowering the price of various products for Canadians by creating a more balanced system of trade.

“At this critical juncture in our history, never before has it been more important to have a party representing the true Canadian values of our people while ensuring we maintain and grow through a balanced approach towards fairness, personal responsibility, individual freedoms, and respect,” states Forbes. “I ask the riding members to explore our party, the platform, and me to see why we are the best option to represent Haldimand Norfolk moving forward. It’s time for a new beginning – a new way of doing politics in Ottawa and across this great country.”

As for challenges facing Haldimand-Norfolk, Forbes has some ideas for how to address difficult issues. In regards to employment, he believes it is important to ensure policies are aimed at helping employers attract, motivate, and keep people gainfully employed. In regards to international exports of agriculture and livestock, he would like to see a strong open dialogue started with international partners, with the goal of keeping markets open to Canadian citizens. When it comes to road safety, he plans to collaborate with telecom and social media providers to reduce driver distractions and increase safety, especially on roadways like Highway 6 which have seen a number of serious or fatal collisions in recent years. Lastly, Forbes has plans to address the need for stable, dependable, and affordable cell phone and broadband internet services to the rural communities of Haldimand Norfolk.

Forbes, who lives in Caledonia, has over 30 years of business experience, where he has won awards and national recognition in various roles with a pharmaceutical firm. Using his graduate degree in Education from St. Mary’s University, he has worked to serve disadvantaged families and youth in the community, and has served as an adviser to various entrepreneurial start-up ventures.

When asked what he loves best about Haldimand Norfolk, Forbes is quick to mention the people: “I have found our residents to be truly genuine with no pretensions about themselves or life,” says Forbes. “The residents I have met are all hard working, family, and community minded individuals striving to make our towns and communities a better place to call home. Pride in self and pride in community – this riding of Haldimand Norfolk exudes it.”

            One in a series of features on the Federal election candidates.

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