Cathy Boyko flying high after award

Cathy Boyko flying high after award
SOUTH CAYUGA—Cathy Boyko has won an award at the North American Ercoupe Convention this year for her plane. She is shown above with her 1945 Ercoupe, which she purchased from the United States and restored. —Submitted photo.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

SOUTH CAYUGA—South Cayuga resident and thrill-seeker Cathy Boyko has become the first Canadian to win the ‘Most Outstanding Ercoupe’ award at the North America Ercoupe Convention in Pennsylvania, where her vintage 1945 Ercoupe plane was the talk of the town.

Boyko, along with her husband Dennis, loves things that go fast. In addition to Cathy’s love of flight and planes, Dennis can often be found enjoying his drag racing hobby. In fact, she says it’s this shared love of import drag-racing that led her to aviation in the first place. 

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