Council News June 18, 2020

Council News June 18, 2020

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

The following were discussed at a special virtual Council meeting on June 16, 2020. The next Council meeting is scheduled for June 30. For more information on these reports, visit

New telecommunications tower for Caledonia

Haldimand Council has received a request from Rogers for a new telecommunications tower to be located at 230 Argyle Street South to improve the service and the coverage area.

In order to proceed, Industry Canada requires that the developer complete a consultation with both Council and the public.

County staff have circulated a site plan and have received no objections. Staff provided Council with a list of criteria for the site including compatibility with adjacent users, any impacts on agriculture and natural environment areas, and access for maintenance purposes. Based on these criteria, staff recommend that the site is suitable for the new tower.

New road signage in Caledonia

Council was presented with new by-laws regarding roads in the new Avalon subdivision. The subdivision contains two one way streets, Thompson Road and MacLachlan Avenue, that will feature parking restrictions.

Signage is already in place and will become enforceable as soon as the new by-laws are passed. Notice of the new traffic and parking rule will be sent to property owners in the area by the developer, Empire Communities. During construction, both roads may be used as two way lanes for construction vehicles. In such instances, new signage will be displayed informing residents of the change.

Haldimand County credit rating remains stable

Standard & Poor’s Rating Services has submitted its’ annual update and review of Haldimand County’s financial credit rating, held at its current ‘AA’ rating. This rating is defined as being stable, with a very strong capacity to meet financial commitments.

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