DHHF partners with 92.9 for Grand Giving Tuesday

DHHF partners with 92.9 for Grand Giving Tuesday
DUNNVILLE—Dunnville residents Dawn and Kim Turnbull are featured as part of this year’s Trees of Hope campaign for DHHF. Both have credited the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital with helping them overcome a pair of life-threatening medical issues. —Photo submitted by Penny Banks.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—The Dunnville Hospital and Healthcare Foundation (DHHF) is the recipient of a fundraiser being driven by local radio station 92.9 The Grand. Called ‘Grand Giving Tuesday’, the November 30 event will see the radio station offering local businesses promotion on-air and online in exchange for donations to the foundation.

“Grand Giving Tuesday is a brand-new event for us this year and will kick off the giving season, in particular our Trees of Hope Campaign,” said Penny Banks, Executive Director of DHHF.

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving and takes place every year following Black Friday and Cyber Monday: “The ‘opening day of the giving season,’ it’s a time when charities, companies, and individuals join together and rally for favourite causes. In the same way that retailers take part in Black Friday, the giving community comes together for Giving Tuesday,” explained Banks.

She continued, “We wanted to partner with 92.9 The Grand for the radio-a-thon platform. As a local radio station broadcasting in Haldimand County, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give our business community a way to show their support for DHHF and at the same time receive some radio exposure. It will be a win-win situation!”

Trees of Hope is the DHHF’s annual holiday fundraising appeal. It is the single largest fundraiser of the year for them, with many donors making their annual gift to the foundation: “Our goal is to raise $200,000 between Trees of Hope and Giving Tuesday,” said Banks. 

This year, donors will be encouraged to dedicate their gift to the foundation in honour of someone special to them, with their names appearing on cards affixed to Christmas trees at the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital (HWMH) in addition to being published in local media as part of a thank you from the foundation in the early new year.

DUNNVILLE—The Trees of Hope campaign is a central part of the vital fundraising effort of the DHHF during the holiday season, with funds going toward essential technologies.

This year’s Trees of Hope appeal letter, sent to all donors in the community, featured Kim and Dawn Turnbull, long-time residents of the Dunnville area: “Their story is one of gratitude for the exceptional care they received at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital over the last 30 years.”  

Dawn shared her story about how through two separate traumatic life events, HWMH was there for her family: “Twenty-eight years ago, working the family farm, my husband Kim’s foot was caught in a piece of equipment. Losing blood, he was at risk of losing his life. Rushed to the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital, he lost his foot but his life was saved! Because the hospital was close to home, Kim is alive today. And as lively as ever!”

The second traumatic event came years later: “Last year, on Christmas Eve, I went to have my annual mammogram done at HWMH. A few days later, I was asked to return – something didn’t look right,” said Dawn, who returned for more tests. “Another call followed. It was my worst fear: I had breast cancer.”

Despite the prognosis, Dawn was confident that with help from HWMH she could beat her diagnosis, and she was right. Following a bilateral mastectomy in April, doctors were able to remove all the cancer, leading to a full recovery.

“I was able to fight my cancer because of the thoroughness of the healthcare teams at the HWMH. But the frontline health care providers we depend on are now depending on you. They rely on expensive scanners and other equipment to catch devastating health issues as early as possible.”

Banks said that donations can be mailed in, made online at dhhf.ca, or in-person at their office, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. They also accept credit card donations via phone at 905-774-2529.

As for the 92.9-sponsored event, Banks provided some details: “During that day, between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., we will be encouraging businesses to give and challenge their competition to give as well.  Each hour we are focusing on specific businesses and industries and I am hoping to have a challenger for each hour.”

Participants pre-recorded challenge messages, which will be broadcast throughout the day and receive multiple on-air mentions in exchange for a donation. The rates for those interested are:

For challenges aired between 2-6 p.m., minimum $500 donation required.

For challenges aired between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., minimum $250 donation required.

In addition to being mentioned in social media posts and an e-mail blast from 92.9, donors will receive DHHF recognition in local media throughout the Trees of Hope campaign, a charitable tax receipt, and recognition on the DHHF Donor Wall.

“The holiday giving season … is the biggest fundraiser of the year with donations coming from community members, businesses, and charitable foundations in the area,” summed up Banks. “We are so blessed with a caring and generous community. I am continuously amazed by the giving nature of our donors, volunteers, and businesses. Our hospital is a reflection of the community that supports it. 2021 has been an incredible year for support and we hope to carry that through this giving season.”

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