Empire Homes seeks to build at old Caledonia mine

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA—County Council members were presented with an information report regarding a potential new subdivision in Caledonia last week, known as the Georgia Pacific subdivision. However, the project is facing some hurdles before any approval can be given.

“There are a number of complex items that need to be reviewed and addressed prior to recommendations being established, including hazard lands (both natural hazards for creeks/watercourses, valley lands, and erosion/flooding, as well as man-made due to the former mining operations); traffic; servicing; and change in designation from employment to residential,” said Shannon VanDalen, Manager of Planning and Development for the County. “The change in designation is being reviewed as part of the Municipal Comprehensive Review and looking at the larger context of Caledonia from a growth management perspective.”

The site is located east of Argyle Street North and south of Haldimand County Road 66. Half of the lands in question are the former site of the Georgia Pacific gypsum plant that was removed in 2018. Other sections of the land are currently used for agricultural purposes.

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