Garden Tour shows off Haldimand’s green thumb

Please enjoy the following slideshow of images from the recent Blooming on the Grand garden, organized by the Haldimand Horticultural Society.

SELKIRK—Haldimand Horticultural Society (HHS)’s Blooming on the Grand tour on July 16 and 17 began at Cottonwood Mansion. Event Chairperson Bernadine Lutes (left) and Sharon Slack of HHS welcomed visitors to the garden tour. Lutes is appreciative of all the hosts who were asked or volunteered to be on the tour. She says, “People are willing to show off their property; that’s their pride and joy.” Months of planning go into the tour and HHS is looking for Caledonia area gardens for next year. 

—Haldimand Press photos by Sheila Phibbs.

SELKIRK—Concetta Stadder was honoured to share the gardens she and her late husband, Rae, created on their century farm, Raeland in Selkirk. Many of the planters are old maple syrup buckets used when syrup was made there. Stadder says, “This was Rae’s vision. I work at it every day. It’s a joy. I love it; it grounds me and fills my heart.” Stadder (above right) is pictured with HHS member Betsy McBurney.

JARVIS—The gardens of Catherine Baird in Jarvis are a blend of botanicals and artistic creations. Baird admits, “I’ve always wanted to do tours on the property with artwork on display. People love gardens and art. I love to see art in the garden; it gives a reason to walk to the next spot.” 

ONEIDA—Nestled in Oneida, the gardens of Tracy Burgess feature bountiful blooms and special touches that her family enjoys. This includes her own artwork (left). Burgess enjoyed meeting gardening enthusiasts during the tour. She says, “Everybody is so nice. Everyone likes something different and some offered tips which is nice.” 

HAGERSVILLE—Elsie Eubank, an HHS member from Hagersville, says, “People are really interested in the different plants.” Eubank is pictured by the fairy house her son made from the trunk of an old Manitoba Maple. Whimsical touches highlight many of the garden beds on the Eubank property.

HAGERSVILLE — For Paul Personnic of Hagersville, gardening begins in February as flower and vegetable seeds are started indoors in preparation for spring. He shares, “Most of the annual flowers and all of the vegetable plants are from seeds that I started.” The koi pond makes the backyard a tranquil retreat as discovered by Connie Morrison (above right) of Hagersville, who learned about the garden from HHS member Charlie Garvey (above left).