Gardens are teeming with wildlife this summer

Gardens are teeming with wildlife this summer

By Elsie Eubank

The Haldimand Horticultural Society

While COVID-19 is keeping us less active and socially distanced, the wildlife seem to be more active.

I have never seen as much activity in my gardens as I have this year. I have milk snakes and garter snakes in my gardens and I haven’t seen snakes for a few years. Although snakes may not be appealing to some, they are part of the ecosystem and help keep the population of mice down, which are always trying to get into my house.

I had a young skunk decide to take up residence in my window well. He is part of the ecosystem as well and needs to play his part, just not in my window well. I had to insist he move out. With the help of a neighbour he was evicted and set on his way. Hopefully he found a new home.

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