Haldimand 4-H Book Club members share COVID-19 experiences

The Haldimand 4-H Book Club began in March at the Cayuga Public Library. In response to COVID-19, the club switched to online meetings. For the club’s Achievement Project, leaders Marie Peart and Stephanie Huitema asked members to write an essay about “Your COVID experience and what role 4-H Book Club played in it” to be published in The Haldimand Press. This week’s essay is by Charlotte Popiez.

My COVID-19 Experience

By Charlotte Popiez

Things sure have been weird lately and I wouldn’t have ever expected this, but let’s start at the beginning.

The month was March and I was over at my Nanny and Grandad’s house. My mom was there too and everything seemed normal until my Nanny brought up something strange. She mentioned how someone had gotten a new virus after coming back from China and he was in quarantine. It didn’t seem like a big deal though, and I forgot about the conversation for a while.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I was walking into the classroom as usual. Then I joined my friends and we began talking, just like always. Then I overheard some of my other classmates talking about ‘the virus’.

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