Haldimand MPP Bobbi Ann Brady settling into her new position

Haldimand MPP Bobbi Ann Brady settling into her new position
CALEDONIA—MPP Bobbi Ann Brady (right) poses with MP Leslyn Lewis before Caledonia’s Canada Day festivities. Canada Day is one of many local events Brady has attended since being elected. —Submitted photo.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—It’s been nearly two months since the election of Haldimand Norfolk’s independent MPP Bobbi Ann Brady. With the dust settling on that momentous election, we reached out to Brady to see what she has been up to in the weeks since, and how she is settling into her new role. 

“Over the past few weeks, I have been meeting with various individuals, groups, and professionals, many who have relayed concerns to me with respect to Ontario government policy,” said Brady, noting that she has visited Queen’s Park in Toronto three times since her win for some orientation and her swearing in ceremony. “Attending events has also been a focus, as well as getting my office organized and staffed.”

  When not at Queen’s Park, Brady has quickly become a fixture around Haldimand Norfolk. A visit to her social media page shows a near-daily commitment to get out into the community, visit local businesses, events, and destinations, and promote them to her followers online.

SIMCOE—MPP Brady took her turn in the hot seat at the dunk tank for a fundraiser that took place at the Tim Hortons on the Queensway in Simcoe, raising funds for Tim Hortons children’s camps. —Submitted photo.

“By travelling around the riding and attending events I get to meet more people and gain a better understanding and appreciation for the many groups and organizations we are blessed to have here in Haldimand-Norfolk. As the MPP I am proud of the people in the riding and the amazing events they pull off, oftentimes with few hands to help.”

Brady credits former MPP Toby Barrett for instilling such a strong sense of community in her: “It’s important to let the backbone of our communities know we are thinking of them, especially during these difficult financial times.”

Brady said settling in at Queen’s Park has been a smooth process: “I have 23 years of effective and professional relationships at Queen’s Park and that has been beneficial in getting paperwork completed and a Queen’s Park office in place. Everyone has been more than helpful and for that I am grateful.”

She added that many other MPPs “from all stripes” have reached out to her to offer their support and express an eagerness to work together: “There are some really good people at Queen’s Park and I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”

  The biggest issue Brady focused on during the election was the proposed city of 40,000 people in Nanticoke. During the campaign, Brady, along with former MPP Toby Barrett, were outspoken on the topic. We asked Brady how she plans to address the issue now that she has an official voice at Queen’s Park.

“The city of 40,000 at Nanticoke is indeed a top issue and priority. I have communicated with many people who are very clear that I am opposed to building a city at an industrial park. While knocking on doors during the campaign, I was hard-pressed to find anyone who agreed with the proposal,” said Brady.

  She continued, “I will continue to fight against the development and would suggest that this may be the single issue locally as we head into a fall municipal election. It is my understanding all current councillors voted in favour of the development. If the newly elected Council does not support the proposal, it is a dead issue.”

Currently, the project hangs in the balance, waiting on a Minister’s Zoning Order from the provincial government. As of publication, there has still been no updates on the order.