Haldimand People: 45 years a firefighter, forever a family

Haldimand People: 45 years a firefighter, forever a family
Don Ricker

Don Ricker’s life as a volunteer firefighter

By Charlene Papasodaro

The Haldimand Press

CANBOROUGH—Haldimand County Fire Department is one of the largest volunteer fire departments in Ontario with 284 volunteers operating out of 11 stations. Don Ricker was, until very recently, one of those volunteers.

Ricker retired from Canborough Fire Station #6 at the end of February after 45 years of service.

Ricker joined the Department at Moulton Sherbrook Station #2 as soon as he turned 18 in January 1973.  His father was then a charter member and suggested he come out to a meeting, where Ricker became a full-fledged member of the department.

There were no cell phones or pagers at that time. The dispatch would call five people and then they worked as a phone tree to reach the remaining men. Some towns would have fire sirens, however that wasn’t a possibility in a rural area. Eventually pagers came into use, and now some people get texts right to their cell phones.

In 1974 Moulton Sherbrook Station #2 became Dunnville Station #3; then in 2001 it became Dunnville Station #8 when County boundaries changed and the Haldimand County Fire Department was created. When that hall was closed down in 2013, Ricker transferred to Station #6 in Canborough.

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