Haldimand proceeding with plans to supply water to Norfolk, Six Nations

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—When Haldimand County’s Nanticoke Water Treatment Plant was first built in 1973, the County had an ambitious plan that would see them supplying water to regions across the entire Grand River watershed all the way up to the Region of Waterloo.

Nearly 40 years later, those plans are closer than ever to becoming a reality, with a recent Council update overviewing plans to supply water to both Norfolk County and Six Nations.

“There is some urgency because these projects do take a long time to unfold, but I think it’s more about the timing being right for everybody now,” said Tyson Haedrich, General Manager of Engineering and Capital Works for the County. He elaborated on how development drives a demand for water, and there has been an unprecedented amount of construction projects in both Haldimand and Norfolk counties over the last five to six years.

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