Have Your Say: Cowardice of the OPP

Have Your Say: Cowardice of the OPP

The following letter was sent to Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General for the Conservative Party of Ontario, and forwarded to The Press for publication. The letter it references exceeds the allowable word count and is not included due to space limitations.


Please find attached the letter I have sent the Crown Law Office – Civil regarding the OPP’s refusal to enforce the rule of law in Caledonia, as well as their deliberate failure over the past three to five years to adequately staff the Haldimand County Detachment, which in turn has left Haldimand County with extremely little police coverage. As a result, the highways and town streets have become drag strips as drivers have come to realize that there is little or no police presence in Haldimand County.

Speed limits and other traffic laws are routinely ignored, putting the lives of pedestrians, mostly seniors and children, in danger every day.

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