Have Your Say: Teachers are the wrong place to put the blame

Have Your Say: Teachers are the wrong place to put the blame

To the Editors,

I am not a teacher, but I have known three generations of teachers and they all have earned my respect. Accordingly, it troubles me when poorly informed people bash teachers, blaming them for everything that is wrong in the educational system. I cannot share that sentiment, and here is why.

Like most of us, teachers are employees, following orders. The Ontario Ministry of Education controls curriculum, not teachers. They are directed what to teach and how at every grade level in each subject. An excerpt from the Ontario Curriculum for Mathematics Grades 1-8 reads: “Teachers are responsible for developing appropriate instructional strategies to help students achieve the curriculum expectations.” So, if teachers are given pigs’ ears, they are required to make silk purses.

If there is a “mass exodus” of teachers after school, at least some of them are tending to family responsibilities. You don’t see those who remain behind to attend staff meetings, mark test papers, prepare lessons, communicate with concerned parents, supervise after-school student activities, coach team sports, and oversee other interests that help our children to explore their potential in ways that a classroom setting cannot.

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