Letter to the editor—All I want for Christmas is... an egg cup!

Letter to the editor—All I want for Christmas is... an egg cup!

When Canfield resident Bruce Burton was very young, his mother introduced him to boiled eggs held in small cups, and cut his toast into “men” to dip into the cooked yolk.  Although he also eats eggs other ways, that to which he was introduced at home has always been his favourite way to eat the fruit of a hen.

Along the way, he developed an interest in the cups themselves, and currently has a collection of 97 egg holders. They are separated by material (wood, metal, china, ceramic, glass, plastic), theme (animal, plants, season, cartoon), and region (Netherlands, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, North America), and are displayed on shelves (see picture at right) on the wall of his room.  He originally had only one shelf, which he found at a yard sale, and had Jeff Turnbull of Canfield make him three copies, although it became quickly apparent that he should have made it four.

Although the majority are for regular eggs, he also has ones for the smaller eggs of quails or plovers and larger ones for geese.  He even has a whimsical one made from a tree branch, with the bark still attached.

The last year that he coached a team of 10-year-olds in hockey, he bought 16 stainless steel cups and had them each engraved with the player’s name and date of their first goal; everyone on the team had at least one goal during the season, including the designated goalie, and they received them at the year-end party, as a miniature Stanley Cup.

And of course, what would an egg cup be without an egg, and he has picked up several along the way, also made of different materials and with different designs.

The only other person he has found with this hobby is a woman in Sharbot Lake, who has 63 in her collection.

—Submitted by Bruce Burton, Canfield.