Lighting it up for Alex

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

Family and friends gather on one year anniversary of Alex Dalton’s death

HAGERSVILLE—Dozens of people joined in to celebrate Alex Dalton’s life on the one-year anniversary of his death. — Haldimand Press photos by Mike Renzella

HAGERSVILLE—Family and friends of Alex Dalton, the 23-year-old Hagersville resident killed in a fatal hit-and-run on April 23, 2021, gathered at the side of the road near the site of the accident for a noisy, heartfelt tribute last Saturday evening, following a public invitation to drive by and make enough noise for Alex to ‘feel the rumble’.

To the impassioned chant of “light it up,” a steady stream of trucks slowed down and began spinning their back tires in front of Alex’s family home, near the corner of King Street West and Sarah Street, between 5-6 p.m., while numerous motorcyclists revved their engines and waved in a show of support and respect to Alex’s family and friends. Beers were smashed together, loud cheers were whooped, groups of young children weaved through the crowd, many hugs were had, and more than a few tears were shed. It was a true celebration of life.

HAGERSVILLE— A steady procession of motorcycles and trucks came by to pay their respects with the revving of throttles or the spinning of tires.

Weaving through the crowd, it was apparent just how much the gathered people truly loved their lost companion. More than one person noted how “perfect” the roadside tribute was, and how much Alex himself would have absolutely loved it.

While justice may be waiting for those who perpetrated the act that cut Alex’s life short, those in his inner circle will likely live with the pain of his loss for the rest of their lives.

HAGERSVILLE— Members of Alex’s family congregated around this memorial bench during the celebration.

In the face of unspeakable loss and tragedy, Alex’s family have found themselves surrounded by a tight-knit group of supporters who have refused to let his memory simply fade away. Whether it’s the purple and blue ribbons that still hang from light posts along King Street, or the massive $64,057 in community fundraising toward a GoFundMe asking for tips leading to an arrest, the unwavering support that has surrounded Alex’s family over the past year has been inspiring to behold. Like those who gathered last weekend and were united in their shared memory of Alex, we extend our deepest well-wishes to the family and friends of Alex Dalton. He most definitely felt the rumble.

HAGERSVILLE—This truck was one of many vehicles that joined in to make some noise – and smoke – in memory of Alex Dalton.