Mayor Hewitt proud of how Haldimand County handled 2020

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Mayor Ken Hewitt has a few things he would like to say about 2020.

“It’s been an interesting ride,” he began. “This is my 11th year as mayor and 2020 certainly proved to be the most challenging year. For the most part, the reason it was a challenge is that we’ve been consumed with so much work on something we have very little control over.”

“The response to the pandemic has been directly delivered from the Federal and Provincial governments. So, our efforts over the last year have been trying to facilitate and help the people and businesses of Haldimand County to respond to the expectations that are being sent from Toronto.”

Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, Hewitt and the other members of Council made meaningful progress on a couple of key projects.

“The number one priority for us has been to get a rural fiberoptic program moving. COVID certainly presented challenges to us getting that off the ground faster, but we were able to get the tender out, get the contract awarded, and I’m excited that this year we’ll start to see constructive results of that,” said Hewitt.

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