Mother's Day Drawing Contest 2020 Winners

Anna Vaarkamp • Age 5 • Hagersville

My mom and I love to pick flowers, bake, read, go for walks.
Amadea Butcher • Age 8 • Jarvis

My mom and I love to play the board game "Pay Day" together and have colourful fun.
Olivia Miller • Age 9 • Jarvis

My mom and I love to plant and grow flowers in the garden.
Bella Richardson • Age 2.5 • Dunnville

My nanna and I love to go for a walk.
Lily Wooloff • Age 6 • Caledonia

My mom and I love to go outside and play together.
Dawsyn Richardson • Age 6 • Fisherville

My mom and I love to swing on the swing and she gives me a bath.
Brody Zintel • Age 7 • Cayuga

My mom and I love to play baseball.
Asa Butcher • Age 10 • Jarvis

My mom and I love to sit outside and watch the sunset.
Cadence Beckham • Age 11 • Jarvis

Lately we like to do our work and online school together.


Congratulations to our winners!

We had a hard decision to make this year with several great entries!

Congratulations to the winners, who will receive $30 cash each: Anna Vaarkamp of Hagersville, Amadea Butcher of Jarvis, and Olivia Miller of Jarivs. Thank you everyone else who sent in a drawing as well. We hope you all have an enjoyable Mother’s Day.

Note: The age categories were changed to: Age 0-5, Age 6-8, and 9-11 to reflect the submissions received.
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