‘Neighbour Nights’ will bring Caledonia residents together

To The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA—Haldimand County Public Library has added a new program to its roster: Neighbour Nights, a monthly social and educational program at the Caledonia Library. The new program is geared towards new Caledonia residents, newly retired individuals, new parents, and residents with a desire to learn more about their community.

Each Neighbour Night session is themed, and centres around various aspects of Caledonia’s vibrant community. The overarching goal of Neighbour Nights is to create and cultivate social connections between community members and local organizations, service clubs, agencies, and businesses for the purpose of increasing community engagement and public awareness of programs, services, and business.

“Haldimand County Public Library plays an important role in providing information and learning opportunities to area residents. Neighbour Nights offer a venue through which members of the Caledonia community can make valuable connections, discover community resources and better appreciate all that Haldimand County has to offer,” noted Paul Diette, CEO, Haldimand County Public Library.

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